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As we move forward, we believe we can achieve the maximum invention in technology, there is no doubt that we are all in the race.

Governments and private companies promoting the development of technology in different areas, the use of technology is being necessary. They say that the complexity is high in different sectors, but the hope is in technology, there are many possibilities that this development and technological advance can use for evil, imagine ending up in the chaos in a technological war.

The induction, awareness, and technological policies are responsible in each of the nations, no one doubts…

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Every day we see technological innovations, directly and indirectly, we are attached to them, our knowledge expands to new digital frontiers, globalization began since the emergence of the Internet, which generated new opportunities in all contexts, and people’s connectivity is on the rise to the digital world.

How was the technological influence in my life?

It was a positive influence on my personal and professional life, I make it easier to perform the tasks by shortening the time and managing to be more agile and productive during the day, which allowed me to and I keep doing it:

• Learn…

The “Web Summit 2020” technology conference: — Pedro Adlerd screen capture image.

The great possibility and opportunity that the health crisis generated in the world, the forced digital transformation to reinvention in the new normal, has allowed all entrepreneurs, startups, institutions and companies to adapt or perish along the way.

What happened to the presential events?
Before the pandemic, attending presential events was a privilege, but now virtual events are considered a privilege, economic and global, because people from a computer or mobile can participate in bootcamps, workshops, talks and virtual trainings, video conferences, and all the virtual live events that are organized all over the world.

So the events will be…

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