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Influence of technologies on life

Every day we see technological innovations, directly and indirectly, we are attached to them, our knowledge expands to new digital frontiers, globalization began since the emergence of the Internet, which generated new opportunities in all contexts, and people’s connectivity is on the rise to the digital world.

How was the technological influence in my life?

It was a positive influence on my personal and professional life, I make it easier to perform the tasks by shortening the time and managing to be more agile and productive during the day, which allowed me to and I keep doing it:

Learn new languages.

• Meet people from all over the world through digital events.

• Learn free and premium courses on educational platforms

• Start and participate in startup ecosystem events

• Access new forums of interest.

• Meet entrepreneurs.

• Learn new disciplines

• Explore and research what’s new in science, technology, and business.

• Podcast, programs, Bootcamps, conferences, and communities.

I didn’t know about technology in grade school, in high school I heard the word internet, when I was in University began the interaction on the internet, curiosity was immediate because the possibilities it offered were immense and impressive, exploration and learning were great, I decided to get involved being necessary and it was a great decision because technology is the future of complex solutions to the problems that exist today, being the last hope in industries, governments, etc.

What would be my perception in the future?

Technological advances will make life easier, improve skills, we will be more productive and agile in all contexts that arise, people will be part of technological advances, directly and indirectly, learn why they will be necessary for their existence, as well as the pandemic COVID-19, challenges the whole world and has made people adapt to the use of technologies.

I’d like to know how influential technologies were in their lives?