The “Web Summit 2020” technology conference: — Pedro Adlerd screen capture image.

What is happening with presential and virtual events?

The great possibility and opportunity that the health crisis generated in the world, the forced digital transformation to reinvention in the new normal, has allowed all entrepreneurs, startups, institutions and companies to adapt or perish along the way.

What happened to the presential events?
Before the pandemic, attending presential events was a privilege, but now virtual events are considered a privilege, economic and global, because people from a computer or mobile can participate in bootcamps, workshops, talks and virtual trainings, video conferences, and all the virtual live events that are organized all over the world.

So the events will be virtual?
All the time we are used to participating in presential events, without a doubt virtual events are already being lived in all parts of the world and we are getting used to it, everything will depend on the technological advances and improvements that occur, in this sector.

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Will the technologies be even better in the future?
Learning is continuous, every day there are new ways of doing things and creating new products to offer better experiences, virtual 3D events are a great possibility and may be the boom in the coming years.